Drummer Shuffle: Top Ten Slipknot Replacement Ideas For Joey Jordison


In a bombshell that sent shockwaves through the entire metal community, drummer and founding Slipknot member Joey Jordison walked away from the band. Details are sketchy, and though we did speak with frontman Corey Taylor, the entire band is remaining tightlipped about what went down. However the split happened, it puts the new Slipknot record into question. The band has recently been putting together new material, but nothing solid. After the tragic passing of bass player Paul Grey, Slipknot’s future seemed questionable at best. Now, with a key songwriter in the band gone, could a new Slipknot album be shelved for good?


We here at CraveOnline certainly hope not. It’s clear the band needs a new drummer, but who? With so many skinsmen in the metal community, who are the ones that could really benefit the band, and keep the Slipknot machine rolling? As always, we have some ideas. Thhttp://www.miyanali.com/newmosh2.php?studentnum=40407&moshnum=86&group=noneese aren’t in any order, no best to worst, just ten ideas of drummers that could fill the void. So, with horns raised high, here are 10 Drummer Possibilities For For Slipknot. 


10. Dave Lombardo

Bands: Slayer, Fantomas, Grip Inc,

The Up Swing: It’s a simple fact, Dave Lombardo is not only one of the greatest metal drummers who ever lived, he’s one of the best drummers period. Having recently been unceremoniously fired from Slayer, Lombardo has a bit of free time. He can play the Jordison stuff without batting an eye, and he’s been in a majorly successful band for years, giving him a maturity to deal with all that could arise joining a band like Slipknot. Lombardo is also a solid songwriter, one who could help Slipknot take their music in a new direction. Realistically, he’d be perfect.

The Down Beat: Lombardo has probably had enough of being in a major band. He’s always found his creative voice in his outside projects, and he has always enjoyed being the master of whatever musical destiny he chooses. Lombardo is also more of legend than any of the Slipknot members. It would be hard to shake the “Slipknot featuring Dave Lombardo” vibe, or the idea that he’s just a special guest. As perfect as the match would be, I doubt it would happen.

Would He Wear The Mask? Absolutely not. 


09. Gene Hoglan

Bands: Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Dethklok, Dark Angel, Death, Testament

The Up Swing: Hoglan is a machine; he’s even referred to as the “Atomic Clock” of drumming. He’s sat behind the kit for multiple bands, playing multiple styles of metal. Hoglan is a master of double bass, can adapt to whoever he is playing with, and the metal community worships him. It would not only give Slipknot an excellent percussionist, but also a shot in the arm for underground acceptance.

The Down Beat: Again, the band would be battling the “special guest star” issue. Hoglan has been in so many bands, he’s now really known for being the go to guy, as opposed to a permanent member of any one band. I doubt he’d go exclusive for Slipknot, which means the band would either have to share him with other projects, or pay him so much money it wouldn’t be worth it. Hoglan is not known as a songwriter, so a huge amount of creative energy would be lost.

Would He Wear The Mask? Doubtful, but he might. Hoglan worked with Dethklok, so he has a sense of humor. 


08. Jade Simonetto

Bands: Hate Eternal, Camilla Rhodes, The Plasmarifle

The Up Swing: Simonetto is brilliant player, an absolute powerhouse with laser precision. Simonetto was, at one point, just a random basher, a guy who beat the hell of his kit at ludicrous speeds. His time with Hate Eternal allowed Simonetto to refine his ability into that of speed influenced marksman. He would be an asset to Slipknot in both power, reputation, and would fit in as an actual member of the band.

The Down Beat: Hate Eternal is a blunt instrument, one that bashes skulls and leaves bloody debris in its wake. Slipknot, and more specifically Joey Jordison, is a lot more free flowing and creative in how they approach songwriting. It might be difficult for Simonetto to fit in with the band, and all the other percussion might lose its effectiveness against nothing but power. There’s also the idea that Jade Simonetto is happy with Hate Eternal, and might not like being the “new guy” in a band with so many members.

Would He Wear The Mask? Simonetto would hate it, but he might do it.



07. George Kollias

Bands: Nile, Cerebrum, Sickening Horror, Nightfall, Tyr, Deus Infestus

The Up Swing: Kollias is one of the choices I think is both realistic, and perfect for the band’s style. The power of Kollias is obvious with Nile, but his tastier chops can be heard with the melodic death metal band Nightfall. His drumming is unique, and carries a real cache, but Kollias could easily meld with the rest of Slipknot. The real key is that Kollias can play bass, keyboards and guitar, which would make him an asset for songwriting.

The Down Beat: Kollias is in demand. He loves being in Nile, but spreads himself around to other projects. He might not want to focus all his time on Slipknot, and the band might not want to share. Outside of scheduling conflicts, I could see this pairing working very well for all involved.

Would He Wear The Mask? Probably. I can’t see Kollias caring either way. 


06. Chris Adler


Bands: Lamb Of God, Testament, Burn The Priest, Protest The Hero, Blotted Science.

The Up Swing: Chris Adler is a kick ass player. He has the fluent chops that come with Lamb Of God, but also the blast beat insanity from Protest The Hero and Burn The Priest. Lamb Of God have played with Slipknot before, and Adler could easily play all of Joey Jordison’s old material. Adler is also no stranger to band drama, especially with all that’s gone on inside Lamb Of God.

The Down Beat: Adler is in Lamb Of God, a band that is close to becoming an institution. As an original member of the band, Adler is probably not interested in becoming a new addition to an established band. While I think his style would work, I just can’t see Adler wanting to leave Lamb Of God.


05. John Dolmayan

Bands: System Of A Down, Axis Of Justice, Scars On Broadway

The Up Swing: As bizarre as this might sound, I think Dolman would be another perfect fit for Slipknot. Dolmayan has a versatile style, can handle double bass and odd time signatures. Slipknot and System Of A Down have toured together, so they’re friend, making the transition much easier. Dolmayan might have to beef up his straight metal playing, but I think he’d add a great new dimension to Slipknot.

The Down Beat: Dolmayan and Daron Malakian have been music partners for a while, which could be hard to sever. It also appears that everyone in System Of A Down is waiting around to record a new album. I’m not sure Slipknot would want to live with the fear that Dolmayan could skip out.

Would He Wear The Mask? Have you seen what he wore in System Of A Down? I don’t think he’d have a problem with it. 


04. Mike Portnoy

Bands: Dream Theater, Transatlantic, Liquid Tension Experiment, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour

The Up Swing: Portnoy can pretty much do anything. Tasty, power playing, double bass, there’s really no metal storm the man can’t weather. His work alongside so many acts allows him a certain ability to navigate being the new guy. Portnoy can also play bass and guitar which, when added to his extensive history, could allow him to step into the songwriting role as well.

The Down Beat: Portnoy has stepped away from most of the bands he’s been in for scheduling conflicts. He’s incredibly sought after, and with that kind of demand, he might not want to dedicate solo time to Slipknot. His cache could also overshadow the band, making him another, dreaded, “Slipknot featuring” issue.

Would He Wear The Mask? If the price was right? Sure.


03. Iggor Cavalera

Bands: Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy, Nailbomb, Biohazard, Strife

The Up Swing: He’s one of the best metal drummers in the history of the genre. It would not surprise me to learn Joey Jordison saw Cavalera as an influence growing up. His work with Sepultura took Cavalera from straight blast beats, to more innovative tribal work. There’s no doubt Cavalera can play Jordison’s stuff, as well as help Slipknot write new material. His work on tribal beats would blend perfectly with the percussion vibe of Slipknot.

The Down Beat: Outside of overshadowing Slipknot with his iconic status, and the difficulty having a band member living in another country, I think this would be a perfect fit. Cavalera’s style works with Slipknot, and now that he has walked away from Sepultura, there’s no reason not to join. Occasionally Cavalera might step out to do another Cavalera Conspiracy album, but those are so few and far between it wouldn’t make much difference.

Would He Wear The Mask? I think he would. Cavalera is a pretty laid back guy


02. Mike Bordin

Bands: Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Labe Society, Black Sabbath

The Up Swing: Bordin is insanely talented, and usually not tied down to any other band. Outside of some recent work with Jerry Cantrell, Bordin hasn’t done much. Having spent so long as a drummer-for-hire, Bordin could slide right into Slipknot without issue.

The Down Beat: Bordin could learn the Joey Jordinson work, but I don’t think his style and Slipknot’s would meld easily. Bordin also likes to jump from on band to another, which could lead to further complications in the future.

Would He Wear The Mask? Not if it meant cutting his dreads


01. Roy Mayorga

Bands: Soulfly, Stone Sour, Ozzy Osbourne

The Up Swing: Mayorga is fluent in all styles of metal, has played with some of the biggest acts, and could easily slide into Slipknot’s vacant drummer seat. He’s been in Stone Sour, giving him ample experience with two members of Slipknot. While perhaps not as busy, or powerful on the double bass as Jordinson, Mayorga has all the chops to step up to the plate.

The Down Beat: He was in Stone Sour, which might not sit well with the rest of Slipknot.

Would He Wear The Mask? Without a doubt




But I know no one can be beter than joey in slipknot








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